Hi, I'm Ciji...
After working as a broke bartender with more degrees than I knew what to do with, I discovered two life lessons:

The thought of working a 9 to 5 was the most soul-sucking concept I could ever imagine. 

Finding meaningful work was a concept that I felt was completely possible.

So, I found the solution that covered the three areas to live a life by design: health, wealth and happiness all wrapped into one.

Anyone with desire, can learn the business model, systems and strategies to live on their own terms. 

And in the process, you'll become the very best version of yourself... what's not to love about that?
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How Do You Pronounce My Name?
Thanks for asking... 
Ciji [see-jee] n.  [origin: 80's pop culture],  an homage to Lisa Hartman's character, Ciji Dunne on the now defunct 80's soap opera Knot's Landing. 
Sheer entertainment happens when I give baristas my name... you should see the versions of spelling!
How About a Shift in Thinking?
What if you could work on your own business and make it whatever you wanted? 

What if you had a community of people who were cheering you on to do more, be more and have more?

What if I told that by following the exact blueprint, with the effort that is recommended you could create your life, exactly as you've been dreaming about? 

Yes, it's absolutely possible... but only if you make the first move...  Let's connect 
The Jack & Coke Years
People may wonder how I have been able to create the results I have in my business. 

Truth is... I am definitely not an overnight success

It wasn't too long ago, in 2012 as a matter of fact, I was a struggling bartender earning just enough to get by week to week. 

While bartending, I went to grad school to buy myself more time, so I wouldn't have to find "a real job"... I knew I required change in my reality. 

Because I was looking, ready and willing to change, everything changed and life's never been the same since... 
Discovering the Roadmap
When I started my business, I was fortunate to have key mentors to help me develop all the skills that I required. Mentorship is so key to success... 

You know why?  Because "success leaves clues" and once you find someone that has what you want out of life, you just have to model their methods. 

Through trial and error, wall kicking moments... what I know for sure is that success is a series of disciplined actions that you must take. 

The roadmap is clear, once you find those right steps.  Being an advocate for my business partners is what brings me joy... 

Success is even sweeter when you have people to share it with... 
What Respected Business Partners & Friends Say... 

George Doumanian

"Ciji has an impeccable work-ethic and is a true leader...Working with Ciji has helped me to create an online brand and business that has completely changed my life and financial future."

Curt Maly

"Ciji's attention to detail and intense focus has produced results that only the top 1% in her industry could ever strive for.."

Lara Leopaldi

"Ciji is one of the most dedicated, driven and committed people I know. She is an exceptional leader and mentor and inspires so many in our industry."
Let's Connect... 
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