“It’s the next layer of self love in my book”

5 Sep 2019
“It’s the next layer of self love in my book”
When I first started having success in network marketing, I fell into this trap of thinking I had to “keep up with the Jone’s” in a sense. And for a little while, I let myself get lost in believing I had to look a certain way, shop at certain stores, and essentially live a certain lifestyle. 

But over the last year I’ve put some time and effort into unraveling that belief and in the process it’s become glaringly clear what is and isn’t important to me. And this isn’t a knock on designer anything or a conversation about materialism. And it’s not about renouncing things that feel amazing or luxurious or are straight up fun just to prove some kind of point. 

It’s about choosing what I like because I genuinely like it and acknowledging what I’ve taken on because I think it makes me appear more valuable, more credible, more important or more glamorous…

It’s the next layer of self love in my book. It’s saying yes because it’s a hell yes and saying no when it’s anything less. It’s about off loading really pretty high end purses because they just aren’t my jam. It’s cleaning up the crap that doesn’t fulfill me to make space for the flow that does. It’s about caring more about being my true self and less about putting on some kind of facade. It’s about a new baseline to create from that feels so much more real, so much more authentic, and so much more Ciji…

And I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live their life. I’m just always down to share the practices and perspectives that have been massively empowering for me.

Author: Ciji Siddons
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