Network Marketing

18 Sep 2019
I’ve had some people say to me recently, “I could never do what you do because I’m not outgoing/social/insert adjective of your choice” and even though I disagree, I understand why they might think that…
16 Sep 2019
I had someone ask recently for my best tips on how to build community. And while I’ve been working on it for the last 7+ years, it’s been one of my biggest intentions and focuses for the last few and here’s why…
27 Aug 2019
I was talking to a teammate about what her goals are for her network marketing business and she told me that if she could earn an extra $1000 a month, she’d be able to go from having roommates to having her very own place. And as we chatted about both her short and long term goals, I couldn’t help but get excited…
7 Aug 2019
I was on a walk with a friend the other day and he asked me what I know now being in network marketing for almost 8 years that I didn’t in the beginning and as I’ve thought about it, this is what came to mind...
29 Jul 2019
Things I’ve made recommendations and given referrals for this week: -Several books
7 Jun 2019
I’ve been having such a blast recently working with some friends I’ve known for over 2 decades who made the decision recently to get started with Isagenix for the second time.
2 Apr 2019
This will always be a special month for me because it’s the month I decided to, as the saying goes, jump without a net.
15 Mar 2019
I’m really fortunate to be connected with some incredibly successful and badass real estate investors that I’ve had the privilege to learn from over the last few years.
10 Feb 2019
9 years ago exactly I ordered my first 30 day nutrition system with no frame of reference for what to expect.
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