“The key to all of it is consistency”

7 Jun 2019
“The key to all of it is consistency”
I’ve been having such a blast recently working with some friends I’ve known for over 2 decades who made the decision recently to get started with Isagenix for the second time. They did it a few years back and what this experience right now has given me (along with the joy of talking to people I absolutely adore more often ) is that I’m getting to reflect on how I showed up when I first started andhow I aim to show up today. 
It’s not a secret that when I began in network marketing I was annoying, overly intense, and I’m sure kind of an a-hole. There’s a very real process I had to go through and will continue to go through when it comes to business, leadership, mentoring, etc. And as amazing as the place I’m in today feels, I am where I am because of the journey. It’s been in the time I’ve spent over the last 7 years confronting myself and the way I communicate that has given me the tools to show up in a way that’s more authentic, more compassionate, and more empowering to the people I’m fortunate enough to partner with. 

But here’s the point. The key to all of it is consistency. It’s continuing to show up. It’s choosing to work on being better even while acknowledging I might’ve been a little bit rough. Because regardless of how you knew me in 2010 and how you know me now, what you can count on is I’m playing the long game here. 

I’m not in today and out tomorrow. I’m not committed “until.” There’s no exit strategy and there’s no end date. So whether you’re ready tomorrow, next month, next year, or 8 years from now you can bet I’ll still be here. Because I care too much about what I’m doing and the people I partner with to be someone who just disappears.
Author: Ciji Siddons
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