“Well hello April!”

2 Apr 2019
"Well hello April!"
This will always be a special month for me because it’s the month I decided to, as the saying goes, jump without a net. In April 2013, I left my waitressing and bartending job and went full throttle into building my network marketing business. I was earning enough working it on a part time basis to support my lifestyle and so even though it seemed like a premature move to many, I did it anyway..

And alot of people thought I was crazy. Most were pretty sure I had lost my mind. Many questioned why I’d leave a job working with all my friends right before our busy season to sell some shakes. And I so understand and appreciate where they were coming from…
But, damn. I sure am glad I didn’t listen. 

Because my life changed that day. It changed because I said yes to myself. And it changed because I didn’t allow myself to care who thought what about how I was going to live. I had my own fears and insecurities about going after this. I had my own doubt about whether or not I could figure it out. I had my own head junk running rampant in my mind. But one thing I’m proud of is actively choosing not to take on anyone else’s to go along with it. 

Someone asked recently why I was successful and I’d like to think there are several reasons but the main one is this. I cared more about what I wanted and what I was focused on than I did about other people’s opinions and I took daily massive consistent action in alignment with my goals. 

Even when it was scary. Even when it felt hard. Even when I knew I was being laughed at. Because there was no way I was willing to put my head on the pillow at night knowing I walked away from the life I so badly wanted simply because other’s didn’t see, support, or believe in my vision.
Author: Ciji Siddons
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