“Things I’ve made recommendations and given referrals for this week:”

29 Jul 2019
“Things I’ve made recommendations and given referrals for this week:”
-Several books 
-Madonna’s dog food
-Soul Cycle
-Verizon >ATT
-The mastermind I’m in
-The auto insurance agent I used to switch my policy
-My hair stylist
-The shampoo I’m using
-My muscle testing doctor in San Diego 
-The nutrition products I use daily and the business opportunity that changed my life… 
…And many more but you get the point…
Here’s the thing though. A few people may have taken action on my suggestion right away. Some probably started to do research on what we discussed and got side tracked. And most thanked me for my recommendation only to have forgotten about it by the time we parted ways. But regardless of what the outcome in these conversations was, I have every intention of continuing to share what’s impacted my life with the people I come across because I learned a long time ago to stop making decisions for someone else’s life. 

My friends, this is network marketing. People say no. People aren’t interested. And people get busy. That’s all fair.

Because to me, it’s not weird to talk about what we love. But actively holding back because of fear or judgement or rejection, that just feels really freaking selfish…
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