“I’m really fortunate to be connected...”

15 Mar 2019
“I’m really fortunate to be connected...”
I’m really fortunate to be connected with some incredibly successful and badass real estate investors that I’ve had the privilege to learn from over the last few years. They’re honestly the best and I’m so grateful for their knowledge, their patience, their friendship and the opportunity to work with them. 

And yesterday I had an aha moment that I think my network marketing friends need to hear. Because in doing a deep dive into some options, I saw it would take an investment of $100,000 to yield a monthly passive return of $600/month. 

And here’s some perspective…When I look at our team, we have hundreds of people achieving at least $600/month. And their investment to do it? About $175 in food for personal consumption. 
And yet there are still people who doubt this profession and what it provides. There are people who quit because they didn’t earn 6 figures in 6 months. And there are people who will never start because of some outdated, antiquated and in many cases, innacurate belief about what this is. 

And I’m not saying network marketing is perfect. Nothing is. But please, show me a better opportunity for the average person to become an entrepreneur, earn residual income, and create leverage…
Author: Ciji Siddons
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