“How can I downgrade my expenses AND upgrade my lifestyle?”

7 Mar 2019
“How can I downgrade my expenses AND upgrade my lifestyle?”
I had some mentors who taught me this principle and over the last few months it’s become a game for me to look at where I spend money and then figure out ways that I can actually create an even better experience while simultaneously paying less to do it.
And I don’t consider myself a cheap person by any means. I’m all for investing in things that make me happy. I love a good hair appointment and I’m not about to apologize for that. 

But I also love that when I moved from La Jolla to Orange County, I was able to double the size of my living space + add in way more amenities while saving significantly on rent. I love that my closet is almost empty because I’ve been on a mission to declutter and haven’t filled it with more yoga pants for the sake of some momentarily fun but unnecessary retail therapy. 

And I have many more examples of areas of my life I’ve applied this and the reason I dig it is because it’s helped me get clear on what I value, what I don’t, and what I was pretending to care about because I thought I was supposed to. Most importantly, It’s provided a level of personal freedom to be completely unattached to the stuff…and if you’re feeling it, I invite you to play along. It’s kind of addicting in the most amazing way.
Author: Ciji Siddons
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